Optimum Medical, specialists in healthcare lubricating jelly and urology products. You'll find their products in over 60 countries around the world - as well as every single NHS hospital in the UK.

Their products aim to influence, support and improve the quality of healthcare around the world. Optimum Medical listen to their customer’s needs and respond by continually developing new products and evolving their existing ranges. Their products are designed to ensure patient outcomes and patient care is the best it can possibly be. Why? Because the patient is what matters.

With OptiLube, they’ve developed a lubricant gel to suit most clinical procedures. By listening to clinicians, their specialists in UK laboratories have fine-tuned the formulation and perfected the viscosity to create a class IIa sterile lubricating jelly with a range of benefits, including water-soluble and pH-balanced, adhering well to gloves and instruments , and gentle to rubber or metal equipment. They are available in various formats to suit different procedures and clinician preferences. 

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