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Glytrin Spray

Glyceryl Trinitrate 400mcg

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Adults: Treatment of acute angina pectoris. As well as relieving the pain of an acute attack, GLYTRIN Spray may be used prophylactically five to ten minutes prior to engaging in activities which may precipitate an acute attack.

Dosage and Administration

At the onset of an attack, 1-2 sprays should be administered under the tongue. If angina persists, repeat this dose (1-2 sprays) every five minutes. No more than three doses (1-2 sprays) should be used. If chest pain persists, it should be treated as a heart attack.

During application the patient should rest, ideally in the sitting position. The canister should be held vertically with the valve head uppermost and the spray orifice as close to the mouth as possible. The dose should be sprayed under the tongue and the mouth should be closed immediately after each dose. The spray should not be inhaled. Patients should be instructed to familiarise themselves with the position of the spray orifice, which can be identified by the finger rest on top of the valve, in order to facilitate orientation for administration at night.

  • Principal: Pharmasol Ltd
  • Pack Size: 200 metered doses