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Ysnore Anti-Snoring Nasal Spray View full size

Ysnore Anti-Snoring Nasal Spray

Relieves snoring fast. A nasal anti-snoring product that treats the cause and not just the effect.

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$ 41.50

All natural Homeopathic Tinctures of Dioscorea Villosa 2XHPUS and Zingiber Officinale 2X HPUS, Purified water, sodium chloride, glycerin, ethanol, benzalkonium chloride.

Good for approx. 60 treatments.

Ysnore works by:

preventing the palate from vibrating and making sounds
preventing inflammationm which helps to sooth the throat
increasing air flow through the nasal valves, aimed at keeping your nasal cavity clear, relieving congestion and improving breathing in the passage way,
and hence, eradicating snoring.

  • Principal: Ysnore
  • Pack Size: 10ml