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Otosan Ear Drops 10ml

Otosan Ear Drops, with the presence of organic oils, propolis and blackcurrant, soothes redness and skin rashes; cleanses the ear; protects the ear while restoring its physiological balance. It helps to cleanse the ear auricle by emulsifying and removing excess wax, and protect the ear by reinforcing its defences, without drying the skin and respecting its natural physiological sebaceous balance.

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They are dermatologically tested, non-irritating and free from artificial colourings and preservatives. As a 100% natural product, they are gentle and effective, suitable for everyone including adults, children and people with hearing aids, even for prolonged use.

Designed to offer only active elements and ingredients from nature, Otosan Ear Drops contain:

Sweet Almond Oil - An excellent emollient, which makes the skin toned and supple. Thanks to its high tolerability, it is ideal for very delicate and sensitive skin.
Blackcurrant Oil - With its high Omega-3 content, it nourishes the skin and it is an effective antioxidant, with remarkable anti-reddening and soothing properties.   
Organic Borage Oil  - An effective emollient, which stimulates cellular regeneration and improves skin hydration and elasticity by deeply nourishing the skin.                               
Propolis - A substance produced by bees, known as a natural substance with remarkable cleansing and anti-inflammatory properties.
Organic Geranium Essential Oil - An emollient and sebum regulator with anti-irritating and relaxing properties.                                                      
Organic Juniper Essential Oil - It provides a balsamic, relaxing, anti-reddening and deeply cleansing action.                                                      
Organic Cajeput Essential Oil - Extracted from a tropical plant, it has remarkable cleansing and soothing properties for ear discomfort.                 
Organic Clove Essential Oil - It contains eugenol, a natural cleanser, and has soothing and antioxidant properties.                                                      
Bisabolol - Extracted from chamomile, it has soothing and anti-reddening properties. It eliminates cutaneous irritations, even in very sensitive skins.                                    
Vitamin E - A powerful antioxidant that protects against free radicals and boosts the immune system.

How to use:

Tilt your head sideways and administer the drops: adults 4-5 drops, children 3-4 drops, allow to act for several minutes keeping your head tilted, then gently clean away any excess. Use once a week to prevent earwax accumulation; 2-4 times per day for 3-5 days in case of excessive earwax, skin irritation and redness. See your doctor if symptoms persist.